Why use aluminium at all?

Aluminium is the 03rd abundant metal on the crust of the earth and as per the current usage of it the supply of it will last only for another several hundreds of years. Aluminium is a young metal when comparing it with other materials. It is known to be aesthetically appealing, durable and functional. Let’s see what are the reasons for you to use aluminium at all??

The light weight of the metal


The light weight of the material means it substructures and a large amount of the material can be handled without the assistance of huge lifting machinery unlike other metal which require human or machinery involvement. When a material has light weight it is very easy for the people who are using it to handle it. Even for transport it is not an issue. Because of its light weight it is very easy to assemble it. Many industries require the materials for manufacturing purposes, especially for manufacturing vehicles and artworks.  Don’t forget to go to your nearest hard ware store and speak to their staff!


The corrosion resistance of the metal


Even though aluminium is similar to steel it doesn’t corrode, as it is corrosion resistance. It is a major advantage as there will be no extra expenses to provide an extra layer of protection. But all the same you can paint it with protection layers and it will only make the material last for even longer time period.  These are commonly used by contractors especially for areas where there is water. Hence corrosion can be prevented easily. Even for your homes you can use aluminium to make corroded places more attractive while preventing further corrosion.


The conductivity of the metal

The material Aluminium is an awesome conductor of electricity and heat. Aluminium is used to produce many things such as light bulbs, products and electrical boards. The material aluminium is used for transmission of power by the electricity departments in the present world.

The reflectivity of the metal

Aluminium has the ability to reflect heat and light. Because of this characteristic it is used to manufacture products that are in the market place that are used for decorations. The reflectivity of this metal is used for manufacturing electrical appliances as well.  

The recyclability of the metal

The aluminium roof components are usually recyclable through a single process and energy upto 95% can be saved too.

You are now much aware of the advantages of this awesome material. Even though there are many attractive characteristics of aluminium people are much used to other materials than this.




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