Who, where, what and why answered in the ISO quality standards – food and safety context

Although there are many ISO standards in the present, the focus of this article will be on two of the major ones only. The specialty of those two is such that, they apply only to the food and beverages context. Hence, if you’re running a hotel, a restaurant or whatever a place that could use this certification, the information that appear below will be quite useful.

For starters, we need to understand the limited scope of this. There are two quality standards that are discussed here; the first one is the 45001 and the other one is the 22000. Out of these two, the 45001 talks about the health and safety management and the 22000 directly addresses the quality of the food and beverages.

  • 22000

In a country like Singapore, getting a solid approach for certification in the food context can be quite a challenge. This is due to a larger number of service procviders. Hence, it doesn’t matter how massive your massive your business was, you must always consult the right iso 22000 consultants singapore to get it done.

As it was mentioned earlier, it is a food safety management system model and it is basically used the suitability and the safety of the food products. Hence it is a little fair to assume that a certain part from the 45001 has also been taken to this as well.

It directly applies to the industries that deal with the following tasks in the context of food. These are such as,

  • Food preparation
  • Food processing
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Food Transportation
  • Food handling
  • Food offering for sale

Although this list goes on, it is clear that this world like a magic for any food organization that looks forward for a better management system to control all the food based hazards including contamination.

We also should not forget that this assessing method is a very ration and systemic approach to control these hazards and improve food safety in the bigger picture. Hence, if it is a food business that you’re running, this is all you need.

  • 45001

Unlike the very specific approaches in the previously mentioned one, the 45001 refers to a very large companies, which of course includes the food related ones as well. As it was mentioned earlier, this quality standard is issued for health and safety. If a company was to invest in a proper iso 45001 transition, they can be benefitted more if their products or services had that safety or health elements specifically. For an instance a construction company could use this standardization to ensure a larger crowd that their construction methodologies function under standards.

So that’s how the ISO world works.

With proper professional intervention, you always will be able to reach new heights by using these quality measures.




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