What you need to consider when selecting wedding bouquets?

Although a lot of people assume that a wedding for a person is supposed to happen once in their lifetime, it is perfectly fine to have your third so fresh that it feels like your first. There are many elements that come together in a wedding to paint the bigger picture. In the list of those things, the prominence of the bride’s and the bride maids’ bouquets truly play a big role. This is why you should be careful on the decisions that you make.

Here are 4 factors that you need to consider when choosing wedding bouquets.

  • The theme and the color of the wedding

Unlike the weddings of the old ages, the freedom of wedding in westerns countries and countries like Singapore is higher. This means that, if you wanted the ceremony to be superhero themed – you could have that too. But with the theme comes another major governing factors of the ceremony designs – the color! If you were not keen enough to mix and match that color with the bride’s bouquet, then it will look off in the album. Hence, you should remember to consider the theme and the color for sure.

  • The tallying of the design with the dress

It doesn’t matter what color of flowers that you use if the bouquet was not designed in a tailor made way. You might even be surprised that in sophisticated bridal bouquet preparation, even the physical dimensions of the bride is taken. This is to make sure that the relative size of every element of the bride lie in a very aesthetic level. But you should remember to tally it with the design. If not, you will be losing a massive wedding beatifying the event.

  • The type of the flowers

You must at least have a rough idea about the typical flower types that go in bridal bouquets singapore to make sure that you don’t experiment something that will sabotage bride’s mood and the whole event. For an instance, roses work like a magic in bouquets. In addition, flower types like tulips, lilies, hydrangea and even peony are used for these purposes. Their colors respectively are, red, orange-pink-white, yellow, blue and pink-purple. As long as you know what goes in the bouquet, the complications on and before the wedding day would be least.

  • Reliability of the supplier

Singapore is blessed with amazing lands and businesses that deal with a great deal of flowers. However, since this is a special event, you might need to inquire about the situation directly.




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