Trigger finger 101 – Can your treat Stenosing tenosynovitis without surgery?

Despite how successful we are as people, and how wealthy we are, none of these matter for some of the medical conditions to happen. Since sometimes money just cannot fix everything, people end up quite horrific fates. Then there are conditions that wouldn’t probably bring an early death but would definitely make our lives harder; Stenosing tenosynovitis is one those conditions that would ruin your life but keep you alive enough to live with it.

Commonly known as ‘trigger finger’ condition, it is cases by the local swelling from swelling of the tendon sheath around the flexor tendons. Although the cause all that may be irrelevant to you, it is always better to know you are having.

If you are the person who is having the condition, or if you happened to know someone who needs recovery from this condition, you may already know what all is about. Although you may consider yourself lucky enough to have one finger bent down, leaving it untreated can go two ways; you either could lose that finger in that bent shape forever, or you may end up losing few more fingers with it. The last thing that you want to happen is lose your thumb to the condition.

But you’re here to know one thing; whether it can be fixed by non-surgical methods since most of us are a bit terrified with surgery. The answer is a concrete solid yes. In fact, many of the doctors in Singapore have identified that trigger finger treatment singapore delivered via non-surgical methods tend to be more gradual, natural and hence, extremely painless. In a background how the condition may have been hurting you, this would be certainly good news. But there are some important things that you ought to know as well…


This condition revolves around nerves and pains; hence, the primary goal of most of these treatments to control the pain as much as you can. In reality, this is the hardest thing to, especially when the patient does not want any pain in the pain control process. As a tip, it can be recommended to go for a clinic where you get the chance to be treated with modern and sophisticated pain reduction methods. If you are someone aging, avoiding medication would always be better and hence machine-based treatment is always better.

You shouldn’t let anything take away the peace of your life, and certainly not a bent finger. Since it could be a permanent loss, fixing it would be the best thing to do.




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