Suggestions for Protecting Your Customers from the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has hit most of the world pretty harshly, changing day to day life almost dramatically. As a result of the countrywide lockdowns, many businesses were having difficulties staying afloat.

Thankfully, with the situation at a better controlled place at the moment, most businesses are once more looking to reopen; but in a safer way. If you’re the head of a store/business and are hoping to reopen soon, here are a few tips and suggestions to follow, to protect your customers from the coronavirus.

Educate Yourself and Your Employees on All Important Details of the Virus

Knowledge is the best cure for this kind of situation, as knowing what to do and how to avoid the virus is equal to winning half the battle against the virus. First, educate yourself well on how the virus is contracted, how it’s passed to another, and how it may be avoided.

Then educate your employees, ensuring that everyone is aware of how dangerous the situation can be. For the betterment of both your customers and your employees, consider having the high-risk employees away from the store for the moment. These high-risk employees may include employees over the age of 50, employees with respiratory issues, as well as pregnant employees.

Prepare Your Store to “Fight” The Virus

Now that you have mentally prepared your employees for the “battle against the Corona Virus”, it’s time you made their place of employment safe to work in. Hire a professional cleaning service that is capable of disinfecting your entire store. Make sure this cleaning process happens at least once a day.

Take measures to check the temperature of each employee and customer before they enter the store. Also take measures to ensure customers or employees don’t carry the virus into the store by disinfecting their shoes. Put up social distancing signage around the store, encouraging customers to maintain a safe distance from each other.  

Consider Limiting the Number of Customers within the Store to Avoid Accidental Contact

Though it may certainly maim your business a bit, and inconvenience your customers temporarily, consider limiting the total number of customers that will be within the store at a certain time to avoid accidental contact.

This should also be applied to employees, especially the number of employees that will be in contact with the customers. This makes it much easier in the long run to track things if things take a bad turn, and much safer for both your customers and your employees.

Be Strict when it Comes to Customers and Employees Obeying the “Virus Policies”

Despite the entire world coming to almost a stop in the last few months, there are still a few people who are having a hard time grasping the magnitude of the situation. As a result, they refuse to wear face masks or maintain appropriate social distances, claiming it to be an inconvenience.

As the head of the store, it is your duty to ensure the safety of both your customers and employees’, so being strict in regards to these viruses preventing policies is vital. Don’t be afraid to turn away customers if a situation arises. It’s better safe than sorry.

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