Should you skip ALs in Singapore? – A brief overview

We all know that education is one of those priceless jewelry whose value never ever drops; it only increases. This is the reason why the generation our parents have been quite hell-bent on learning, collecting educational qualifications has been one of their top priorities.

In the Singaporean educational system, it is quite similar to the typical Asian educational systems that has been ideally divided into parts. This division has been done taking age and the educational content into the consideration. In this article, as the title has mentioned, we will be addressing one issue and the components connected to it; should you really do the ALs?

The question arise at the start of the secondary education; the last 2-3 years of typical school education if you may. What you need to see here is the connection of singapore a levels with what lies after that. In a way, you could say that, this examination is like a bridge that connects your secondary education with your first degree.

There is a belief that there are several other qualifications that are in par with this one. In a certain angle, it may be true, but when it comes to the quality and the international acceptance. You will have the highest chance of getting yourself an amazing college or a university to get you first degree. There is an added advantage from the academic side as well; and that is the selection of the subjects.

Most of the international schools that focus on the secondary education, since they are well aware of the role of the importance of a great school when a child is ending his or her school education, are quite openminded with the selection of the subjects. In a way, these schools allow you to choose what you want, regardless whether they match or not. But the clever thing to do here is that choosing the path that you want to pursue and then choose the subjects that compliment that path. If you are planning to become a civil engineer, there is no point of engaging in humanities subjects. But as a matter of fact, having done the subjects that are required for an engineering degree would not only allow you to get into an engineering degree but many others like humanities, logistics, and management and so on, but not medicine.

The bottom-line is that, this is not a hard exam and gives the students the highest chance of qualifying for university education; so why skip it?



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