Improving your online presence to compete in the current market

Every company, product, service even the small boutique in the junction, has an online presence now. Unlike a decade or so ago, making a site for your brand where anyone with an internet connection can visit is not an impossible thing. Even a non-technical person can make use of the tools available and have one built for their own.

What must be there?


First, you must decide why and for what you are building the site. If you are hoping to sell products through it, the design and look-and-feel will differ from a mere attempt at giving details. It also will differ according to the customers you are marketing to. For example, if you are selling clothing to young girls, the first impression cannot be of a dark theme; it should be cheery, colourful and interesting. Also, if and when you are catering to the millennials, remember they do not like to read a lot. So you must be able to say what you want to, with a few phrases. There are so many places in the world wide web people can visit that it is calculated a certain site or landing page gets only thirty seconds of attention from a person online.


Grab that 30 seconds


If you time it with a stopwatch, you will see how fast thirty seconds spin by. To make something loo or sound interesting within that – literally “split second” is not easy. This is where your ingenuity about what you are selling, to whom you are selling it to, how important that product or service is to them, what sort of a budget your target market has or is willing to spend for it, etc. comes in handy. An in depth study of your market is an absolute must before you decide to run and develop an online presence for yourself. Simply telling customers to “visit website” is not sufficient; they must be interested to do it. In addition, the site also must be easy to find. After all, the major objective is to promote your products and services, so if someone has to look for a certain site for more than a minute or so, that person will lose interest and will be lost o you forever.


Customer service

If your site is an e-commerce one, that is, if you sell products through it, then be very careful. Not only the design but also the experience one has in that site will tell a tale about how concerned they are about your offer, how likely are they to return and do a return purchase and to recommend your store to someone else. Things such as having an online chat service in the site, but no one being present to reply customer queries, quoting one price when inquired and selling it to another like incidents can destroy your online presence as well as the e-commerce store.


Take care of your customers so that they will in turn take care of you.




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