Everything you need to know before getting RFA treatments

If you are dealing with chronic pains, one of the best treatments that a doctor will recommend to you is get an RFA treatment. With an RFA treatment, any of the nerve fiber that causes pain will be destroyed. Thus, you will have to deal with the pains in the long term.

Whether it be pains in the joints, back, necks, they can be treated with radiofrequency ablation. If you are planning to get a RFA treatment, here is what you should know:

Can I get RFA treatments?

It is important that you get an RFA treatment if you are suited for it. RFA is great for you if you have had success when you have gotten a receptor block injection. Therefore, your doctor will likely recommend you to get a receptor block injection to see if the method will be successful of you.

You should avoid getting RFA treatments if you are pregnant, if you are having an infection or if you have bleeding issues.

Choosing a clinician

When getting an RFA, you will be considerate about who the best clinician is to get the treatments from. RFA treatment can be profaned by a physiatrist, neurologists and even surgeons. When you are choosing a professional to perform the RFA treatments, be sure that they are licensed and that they follow the right safety procedures.

Before the treatment

Before you get the RFA treats, there are a number of things that will be looked into such as you imaging studies, tourmedicalhistory and other factors that will have a role to play the reams that you are getting.

If you are a person who is taking aspirin or if you are taking any medication that helps in blood thinning, you will be advised to stop the medication before the treatment. If you are under any other kind of medication, you should look into discussing with the doctors so that you can get the treatment without any risks.

The treatments

Usually, an RFA treatment will last from 15 to 45 minutes. This is followed by a recovery period to the patient as well. you will also be asked for details on your allergies as well.

Focus on the safety of the procedure

It is crucial that the safety of the procedure is guaranteed. You can simply ask the doctor about the safety of the procedure. It is crucial that all the injects that are used of the treatments are new and that other equipment used are sterilized.

After the treatments

Majority of the patients who get the RFAtreatments doesn’t have any issue with walking after they get the treatment. however, it is essential that the patient is mounted for a short time.

It is likely that you will be experiencing pain for about 2 weeks before the pain disappears from your body. If you are having any doubts, be sure toconsult your doctor so that you have a healthy recovery.

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