4 ways how you can improve your business’ Email security

There are countless methods of communicating digitally in the present world. But only a few of the methods can be used for professional uses. The use of emailing is one of that. Despite its traditional approach, it is still a credible and effective method of corporate communication. This is why a lot of the companies are using the facility. However, due to the situations in the cyber security aspect, taking tailor-made steps to safeguard the emails has become a necessity. How can you do it?

Here are 4 effective ways to improve the Email security of your business.

  1. Creating different SMTP for each sender

Depending on the scale of the business, the required number of individual computers differs. That’s more or less common sense. But one of the mistakes that most people do is that, not taking steps to make those computers function individually. Why is this important? If a computer was hacked, the hacker will not have access to the rest of the network of the machines. When spam messages are starting to be sent, you can shut down that affected machine and safeguard the rest. This is the purpose of SMTP and is handy in the case of an emergency.

  1. Investing in premium security services

Apart from all the homemade hacks that you can implement, there is s proper procedure to deal with all sorts of cyber attacks in the first place. That is obtaining the premium services of a reliable and capable service provider. Because having all the corporate email security solutions singapore will definitely help you to safeguard the whole cycle of emailing. Given how that’s what you’re looking for, you should not just consider but do it already.

  1. Utilization of encryption for necessary mails

There comes times during our professional lives when we have to convey emails that carry sensitive information that are so sensitive that the same info can be used against the company, or of great value. In the end of the day, being asked not to do isn’t a solution. In that logic, might as well not be connected to the internet at all. The solution for this is the use of encryption. That way, in the case of a data leakage, the contents will not be able to be read. In addition, you can plant a rather drastic measure such as self destruction in the case of an unauthorized breach.

  1. Simultaneous operation of multiple Email accounts

A recent study has found out that the percentage of people and companies that use more than two email addresses have increased over the course of last five years. After all, why take a risk and operate your business using one single email address?




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